Color pallette 2013 #2images (1) Color of the year Emeraldn#3images (1)

It’s hard to remember the last time looking out a window in Toronto where the ground wasn’t covered with snow and ice casting an overall dullness to the sky.Even the tiniest change in rays of golden sunlight and bright blue sky can transform the human spirit from melancholy to joy.  The oppression of the monochrome sky is lifted by simply walking towards the rejuvenating rays of sunlight beckoning Spring.  Grey begone. As a color freak, my mood needs to be fed by the excitement of uplifting color.  Remember back in the day, when the Yellow Pages would arrive on your doorstep? With the same anticipation, I anxiously await the announcement of the Pantone color of the year. This year Emerald has replaced last year’s Tangerine Tango.Green and orange are my signature colors, so it’s no surprise Pantone has given my fashion choices validation lately. Wearing colors I like energizes my mood.Play the game of ‘spot a colour’ on the Toronto streets or subway?  We seriously need to begin taking color risks to help us beat the winter blues.  As a fashion consultant and stylist, the first level of triage for my clients is to add an injection of color in both their make-up and their clothing choices. We can all participate in the feel good exercise of visiting a Shopper’s Drug Mart to check out the new makeup lines. Lise Watier and Lancome are in stores now anticipating the coming of Spring in their softer fresher product choices.  Last year’s popsicle orange has muted to a more peachy glow complimented with pastel eye shadows. There’s nothing like a trip down Bloor Street or Queen Street to see what’s on the horizon for Toronto’s Spring fashion forecast.  Check out the new Club Monaco line, where they are taking huge risks in moving away from their branded neutrals to a more patterned and colourful mix n match statement pieces. Spring can’t be far away when you see the windows of The Gap displaying skinny jeans in every colour of the Pantone forecast (pictured above).Hollywood royalty often leads the way with bright trending fashion statements.  Watch award shows to be inspired by the red-carpet runway colors of Jane Fonda’s daring yellow couture to Anne Hathaway’s pastel pink gown by Prada.  Model yourself after the stars you feel mirror your personality and physicality.  Think of ‘Celebrity-Look-A-Like’ meets you. We all need inspiration at an affordable price tag.  So get yourself to a make-up counter for a free Spring colors application. Copy a celebrity of choice to get in the mood for longer days, more sunlight and Spring!!



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