Patrice was named Saverina Scozarri’s Woman Crush Wednesday #WCW for February 4th 2015!
Here is the interview between the two fashionistas:


“I am a shop-a-holic and love all things fashion and pop culture so I jumped at the opportunity to have Patrice McDonough, Owner and President of Inside Out Image Consulting, as this week’s #wcw honouree. She works her magic and uses her passion for fashion to make anyone at any age look amazing. Check out our Q&A session below:

Did you always have a passion for fashion, or did it take you a while to develop your great sense of style?

Growing up in the sixties was such an exciting time for fashion and music. It was the time of The Beatles, self-expression and free love.  My mother loved to dress up more than anything and she had exquisite taste. She was also able to design her own patterns and  make fabulous dresses for special formal occasions. So I would say my mom and the times heavily influenced me. We had the mod look; mini skirts; go go boots and platform shoes. Choosing clothes for others was part of my job description as the oldest of nine children. That makes me a natural at figuring out who suits what best.

What is InsideOut Image Consulting? How did it come about? 

I love the creative expression of being able to project your personality through fashion choices. People are like a fresh canvas to me and the results are unique to them. I know the name InsideOut is fairly common these days, but I feel the message in the name gives individuals permission to be his/her authentic self by individualizing their look.  My friends were always asking me where I got my outfits and if I could give them advice. The pleasure I received from helping them inspired me to take the Image Consulting course offered at George Brown College in 2004.

Have you had any surprising reactions from clients that you have worked with through your business? 

One of my favourite gigs was working for a health magazine, called Revive. We did a Bonnie & Clyde shoot with Kevin Frankish and Dina Pugliese of Breakfast Television.  Korby Banner (Style By Jury) was the photographer. They were all wonderful to work with. I chose clothes from all over the city to come up with the looks for both the TV celebrities. We even had an authentic model T car with running boards.  On a completely different note, when I teach ESL (English As A Second Language) to ladies I introduce color analysis for image consulting by bringing in paint chips from Home Depot. They love it and learn English at the same time.

Who do you look up to for inspiration? Do you have a favourite style guru? 

Trinny & Susannah are a pair of British style gurus I take inspiration from as a stylist and as a teacher. Their playful yet business-like approach to dressing is one I relate to and can also share with my clients. One of my favourite books to share is the Body Shape Bible…dress for your shape not your size.

Personally, I would describe my own style as sporty, sexy, edgy, sophisticated,  creative and colour inspired. I start with colour, then silhouette, then function. Lately I will go on Pinterest to see what the trends are for the over 50 crowd. There’s a terrific site called ‘Advanced Style’.

Seven celebrities who inspire us to dress better:  Cate Blanchett, Jane Fonda, Sandra Bullock, Gwyneth Paltrow,  Diane Keaton, Bianca Jagger, and Lauren Hutton.

While I have consulted for men and women of all ages, I have decided to focus on mostly women 45 years and beyond.  It’s very exciting for me to see that in 2015 older women are not planning on being invisible and choose to embrace their inner fashionista throughout their lives.

Debra Rapoport 68, is one such woman. Who is she? A thrift-shopping artist who lives by the mantra “look good, feel good, feel good, look good”. Her favourite accessories include her DIY bracelets made from toilet paper rolls. “I know too many women who, after 50, walk around with hoodies and sweat clothes,” Rapoport told Glamour. Her advice? “Pull yourself together! Find your good assets and flaunt them and support them. I get a lot of emails from 25-year-olds saying, ‘I can’t find my style, I don’t like myself, I don’t know what to wear.’ It’s so sad at that age to not even explore and try and play. It’s all about play.”

What should one keep in mind if they want to make it in the fashion realm? 

If you are following your passion this is a good place to start. Do something you love and the money will come. Find out all you can about your industry to see where you fit in. Don’t be scared off by what you perceive to be insurmountable challenges. Find a mentor. Join Fashion Group International or the Fashion Incubator in TO.  You are bound to meet up with someone who can put you in the right direction. Don’t give up, get dressed up and go after what you want.


Personal stylist AND English Teacher? Talk about a woman who does it all! I have to say that I did not know that she styled my journalism goddess, Dina Pugliese, for a photo shoot. So cool! And on the seven celebrities that inspire us to dress better? I could not agree more. Jane Fonda and Sandra Bullock are my personal favourites, always bringing their A-game to red carpets. ”

Check out Saverina’s blog HERE 

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