$225 – Package Includes
  • 3 hour consultation
  • Identify your WOW colours one-by-one
  • Discuss how to incorporate your colours into your wardrobe
  • Hair colours – “Have you wondered what colours make the most of you?”
  • Identify your body shape
  • Learn how to dress your SHAPE, not your sizePrices based on Patrice Mcdonough’s hourly rate of $75

Color Analysis: Why do some colors lift your spirits and other colors you would never buy or wear? Color is emotional. Your “WOW” colors make your eyes ‘pop’, compliment your skin tone and generally make you feel more confident.

Body Shapes: Curvy, not so Curvy; Bigger On The Top, Smaller On The Bottom; Broad Shoulders, Narrow Hips; Average Height; Petite…the list goes on. Clothes are made to a standard, but none of us are standardized. Learn how to identify your Body Type and to bring out your best with what you’ve got!

  • CLOSET MAKEOVER PACKAGE$225 – Package Includes
  • 3 hour consultation
  • how to shop in his/her own closet
  • purging and reorganizing the clothes which suit you best for your present lifestyle and body shape.
  • A follow-up set of rules and fashion plan will provide the client with a lifetime of fashion confidence.
  • Building a workable core wardrobe

Learn to ‘shop in your own closet’. Many separate pieces can be put together in new ways. Patrice will give you permission to throw out clothing long past their best before date.  Once you have identified the fashion holes in your wardrobe, you can look forward to a trip to the mall.


$500 – Package Includes
  • up to 5 hours of fashion consulting
  • closet makeover editing
  • personal shopping of the recipient’s choosing
  • hair and makeup recommendations

Price based on Patrice McDonough’s hourly rate of $75

Image Makeover Women or Men.

Clients enjoy an expert fashion review of their clothing in the privacy of their own homes. A follow up trip to the mall reinforces the tools and rules the client has learned about their fashion personality, lifestyle and suitable colors.


Package Includes

  • Assess your body type
  • Determine your WOW colours
  • Shop with you to get the perfect outfit that meets your budget
  • Style your shoes and accessories to complete the entire look
  • Advise you on hair, make-up and even arrange appointments with artists and hairstylists on the day of the event

Prices based on Patrice McDonough’s hourly rate of $75

Do you have a wedding, reunion, gala, or milestone birthday party that you want to look fabulous for? 

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